Picking up the Pieces

It’s been a week, to say the least.

And the title of this post actually has a few meanings. Since we were away last weekend, I decided to extend my mini vacation and not rush back into work on Monday.

What I thought was going to be a nice lazy day floating in the pool turned into a Monster of a day. First thing in the morning I went to get the rental car vacuumed and a quick trip to Costco for a couple things. I got home and decided it would be nice to float in the pool. It was actually lovely floating there for the hour I got to float, because all of a sudden the dark clouds started rolling in, and I was fine with that, until the thunder started.

So I rolled off my floaty thing, grabbed my towel, iPhone, and radio off the pool deck and headed for the house. No sooner did I get all cleaned up and under cover than the rain started, and then the wind picked up, fine I can deal with that. What scared the bejeezus out of me was the loud thump thump thumping I heard next. That’s right here comes the moth ball size hail bouncing off the picnic table.

The wind was so strong, it knocked over half of a tree in the empty lot next door to us, and a little further down the street another tree fell across the road. After the hail stopped, and the rain stopped, and started again, and stopped, I went outside to pick up the pieces of limb that fell in the yard.

Little did I know, that wasn’t the only storm brewing. So while I was in the house with the pups staying dry, one of my coworkers called to tell me what was happening at the office.

This always happens when I am out of the office. There was a Departmental Meeting where it was announced that they were going to be “right sizing” our department and there would be “re-engineering” (gotta love those buzz word). As it stood there were 2 people within  my dept who were let-go. Flash forward to Thursday and a 3rd person was added to the list (this person had been on vacation until then which is why they waited).

So the week at work was filled with a bit of drama and chaos. I was thankful when Friday at 2pm rolled around as I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

Quick parade Friday night (which I found out we won Best Sr Musical Unit, which wasn’t difficult as we were 1 of 4 bands there). Saturday was the usual errands, and the 2 dogs we were dogsitting were picked up in the afternoon. We are down to 3 from 5 for the next 2 weeks, the foster dog has a new home she will be going to sometime soon. Sunday was the laziest day we have had in a while. I did a bit of vacuuming and some laundry, played Little Big Planet on the PS3, and pretty much vegged around. Hell it was so lazy I never even bothered to get dressed.

So now it is Monday and we begin the week of picking up the pieces of the colleagues who are leaving next week. I have already been informed that I will be inheriting one of the sales reps the person leaving was supporting. I wish they added in that I had to go visit the sales rep in person, he works from home in San Francisco.

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out….stay tuned.



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