Alsatian for me

I’ll recap the rest of the day later on but I just had to post the pictures from the fabulous lunch we had today.

Before I let the pictures speak for themselves here is a little background about the place we ate Dano’s Heuriger on Seneca

What is a Heuriger?:
In Austria, heurigers are an integral part of Viennese life. Friends gather to enjoy the casual atmosphere, to drink new wine from mugs and to share hearty, satisfying heuriger food served family-style. Dano’s on Seneca recreates this atmosphere in a beautiful new building designed by architect Andrea Simitch. With spectacular views of Seneca lake, the rotating menu features Viennese spreads and artisanal breads, salads, roasted and smoked meats, vegetable dishes, homemade sausages, fresh seafood, homemade pickles and preserves as well as Viennese pastries.

So in the midst of all the wine tasting we have been doing we figured we needed some lunch too. This place sits right in the of the wineries we were visiting, and quite a few places had their menu displayed. I called ahead to be sure they would allow the dogs on their beautiful back deck, they did and actually enjoy having 4 legged visitors.

While we were eating all the luscious food you will see below, the chef himself Dano came out to chat with us and the other tables quite a few times. Thankfully it wasn’t a very busy lunch or else he would have been missed in the kitchen.

Now on to the food. The Hubby and I decided on ordering a few small things to share as is the customer of Heurigers.

The Main Menu

The Main Meat, on the top Hungarian Smoked Sausage on the Bottom Bratwurst.

I love anything pickled and the Housemade Pickle Plate on the specials menu Immediately caught my attention.

It had 2 types of pickles along with pickled Mushrooms and Pickled Scallions

Knodel. A ball of Dressing Cooked in Duck Fat and served Au Jus

Braised Sauerkraut and Bacon. By Far the BEST I have ever had.

This was what the Hubby ordered. A locally made Goat Cheese with a Blue Mold on the outside, on top of a Fig Compote

with Roasted red peppers and olive tapenade.

The place was just beautiful, the food fantastic, the waitstaff knowledgeable, dog friendly, the view of Seneca Lake from the deck is amazing. Whether for lunch or dinner, RUN don’t walk to this great place.


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