It’s Wine O’clock

And the big Greyhound Wine Tour Weekend has begun.

Thursday was our travel day, and after a rocky start of changing rental cars due to low tire pressure, we finally got on the road. Fortunately we were able to trade the white Ford Flex for a Silver Ford Flex because we packed everything in there perfectly and it was just enough room for us, our stuff, and the puppies. about 4 hours later we arrived in Ithaca and thankfully were able to check into the hotel and get the pups out of the car.

We had just enough time for a quick rest for us and the puppies before we hopped back in the car to head over the hills to the welcome reception at one of the wineries. They had a nice little spread of appetizers and were selling wine and wine Slushies. I had 1 of each of the 2 flavors available, that says alot since I am not normally a fan of red wine.

This is the Brambleberry Slushie and was DELISH!

After the reception we headed back to the motel, fed the puppies, then headed out for a nice quick Thai Dinner.

Friday morning we got up and went and grabbed breakfast from this cute local place up near the Cornell Campus that we found last year and fell in love with. I had the omelet of the day, and the hubby had the Brie stuffed French Toast. The best part was the power of social networking, the Hubby and I both got a free coffee just for checking in on Foursquare.

We were slightly worried about what the day might bring as it had started raining right before we left for breakfast. Well a little rain wasn’t going to stop us so we packed up the dogs and headed out for the wineries. There are quite a few participating wineries, so we decided to start on the West Side of Seneca Lake and hit the few there we were interested in. In total we hit 3 before lunch. Once of them was one we loved last year and wanted to be sure we got back to this year.

After a quick lunch from Mr. Chicken, back into the car we went and set course for the host winery to check out the happenings and vendors there. We took a quick stroll through the vendor tent and then went in search of some wine to bring back to the room to have with some cheese. We hit 2 more wineries Friday afternoon to bring the total to 5.

Our last stop on Friday also happened to be the same winery that held the welcome reception. We did a tasting there and ended buying a few bottles to take home and 2 to enjoy Friday night before dinner. We stopped at a cute roadside produce market, grabbed some cheese and some cherries and drove on back to the motel.

A lovely glass of wine, some nice cheese in the outdoors was had and then off we went to dinner. Now we are back in the room resting in the air conditioning waiting to do it all over again on Saturday……


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