Big Gay Brunch

And other things happened this weekend.

Saturday was our usual day of house cleaning, errands, and prep for Sundays Big Gay Brunch. But first things first.

Saturday morning was a busy one, first we had to get up and get the lawn mowed before the day’s heat set upon on. After that was done, we headed over to see the barber for our haircuts. I don’t know why but in the summer it seems my hair grows faster.

After that I had a couple hours to get the cookies baked for dessert on Sunday. I promised our friend homemade Ice-Cream Sandwiches when it was our turn to host.I just squeaked by in timing to get the cookies baked before we had to head out to a local pizza joint to meet a friend for a lovely lunch date.

After lunch it was off to Costco and Shoprite to get the rest of the food we needed to get for brunch. I have been enjoying the hot weather cause it has allowed us a dip in the pool more frequently than the last few months. We went in Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning was more prep, and some prep, and some cooking before our guests arrived at 11. So I know you are all wondering what the hell did you serve?

The Menu was as follows:

Shrimp Ceviche  – I got the basics of this recipe from one of my favorite PBS Chefs Daisy Martinez and her show Daisy Cooks. The hardest part about making this is the juicing of the lemons limes and oranges. The easiest part is letting it sit for 2 days and “cook”

If you would like the recipe let me know.

Smoked Brisket and Salmon – The hubby is the master smoker in this house and he did  not disappoint yet again. The brisket was tender and flavorful. The Salmon came out perfectly as well and was a big hit. To go with the brisket I scrambled some eggs, put out some Queso, salsa and flour tortillas for make your own breakfast tacos.

SOS – Or as we call it round here Chipped Beef (or Shit on a Shingle).This was served on  biscuits.

Potato Latkes – these are always easy to make and go a long way. Served with some sour cream they were the perfect potato snack to have.

Bacon – no brunch is complete without a big plate of bacon, I cook bacon on a sheet pan in the oven at about 375 degrees, about halfway through the cooking I pulled it out flipped it over then sprinkled it with some coarse ground pepper. It was delicious.

Peruvian Onion Relish  – we had this a week ago at a local peruvian restaurant and it was so good we decided we needed to make it at home AND serve it at brunch.

Mascerated Peaches and Strawberries – I know there was some balsamic vinegar and black pepper, sage, and rosemary on them. I know it sounds like an odd combo but they were fantastic.

For dessert we had the infamous Homemade Ice-Cream Sandwiches, our friend brought what he called White Trash Ice-Cream Cake (made with fudge sauce, pudding, cool whip, and store bought ice-cream sandwiches). It actually wasn’t all that bad. The 3rd dessert was a Blueberry Cobbler our other friend made, which was also damn good.

Oh I almost forgot about the endless glasses of Champagne with either OJ, Pineapple Juice, or Guava Nectar.

All in all it was a great time even with the crappy weather that rolled in for part of the day.

On a side note, we also had a family coming to see our foster greyhound Girl. What we thought was a husband and wife from NY turned into the whole Italian family paying a visit. All 9 of them showed and stayed for about 30 minutes or so. One of the sons was kinda cute. On a happy note we found out on monday they loved her and will be adopting her in a couple of weeks.

That’s pretty much it for now. Short work week for the both of us as we are taking a long weekend trip with our puppies to a greyhound wine tour weekend. Watch for those updates to come too.



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