Time keeps on ticking

It seems like the weekends fly by and the work weeks drag on and on and on…

Can’t think of anything worthwhile from the work week to report about, it seems July is a little quieter than normal, and than I’d like it to be. Quiet days at the office just make things worse.

I had a parade this past Wednesday, the last one for me for a few weeks. I will be missing a parade next week as the hubby and I and the puppies are going upstate NY for a little Wine Tour getaway. A local Greyhound Adoption group in Upstate NY does a wine tour weekend in the Finger Lakes area every July called Grapehounds. We went last year and had a fantastic time, and we are very much looking forward to going again this year.

Wednesday’s parade was one of the shortest of the seas0n clocking in at .73 miles. I have taken to keeping my iPhone in my uniform pocket to calculate the distance of each parade. It took me a little bit of time to try out and find the right app but I think I finally found a good one called Runkeeper. It calculates distance, time, and calories burned. So between the parades and the walks around the pond at lunch time, I have logged 10 miles and 1,749 calories.

This past weekend was a scorcher here, good thing the pool has been up and running. Saturday we did our normal running of the errands, then came home and relaxed in the pool for a bit before dinner. Nothing beats a nice cold drink, and floating in the pool, thewater  temperature was a cool 86 degrees.

Sunday we had a busier day as it was a joint birthday party for 2 of my older brothers children. Our nephew turns 18 next week, and our niece turned 1 last week. My younger brother (the one born just after me but before the twins) hosted the party at his place where he has access to a nice below ground pool. 8 ft deep at it’s deepest, it made for a lovely cooling off spot during the party.

All that fresh air (and alcohol and food) did a number on us as once we got home the hubby fell asleep on the couch. So off we went to bed. This morning I still wasn’t feeling it but I went to work against my better judgement. I say that because 1 pm came around and I high tailed it out of there and came home and laid down in bed.

Supposed to be another hot week here, I think the pool may get some post work pre dinner use this week.


3 thoughts on “Time keeps on ticking

  1. Andrew says:

    Oooooh I’m gonna have to try that app. Swimming in the summer is the best. Lucky dawg. Have fun in NY & let us know how it goes.

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