Pretty Kitty

Well I thought there would be some excitement here but alas it was not to be.

Thursday’s parade went off without a hitch although it started late and it was hot but nothing too exciting to report from there.

Friday there was supposed to be another parade but mother nature was having none of that and the thunder, lightning, and rain kept us from that parade. Instead the hubby and I and the ex work wife ended up having some drinks at our house then went out for Korean for dinner. It was delicious yet again as this was our 3rd time going there but her first time. She is the authority on Korean as she lived there and went to Korean School while in the reserves.

Saturday was GORGEOUS out and yet another parade was canceled, this time due to the Fire Dept. that hired us no longer going to the parade. Honestly I didn’t mind at all as this parade was not a favorite of mine. So instead of parading in the afternoon the hubby and I took a nice dip in the pool before we headed out to our friends monthly game night.

Another gorgeous day on Sunday found the hubby having to go into work for a bit and laundry needing to be folded. Once we finished that excitement we headed over to my parents house for dinner. My grandmother was up visiting for the week so we all got together for dinner.

Now here is where all the excitement was. As we always do at bedtime we opened the door and let the puppies out for their last potty of the night. Not unusual to hear a bark or yelp since they decide to sometimes play instead of doing their business. The hubby stepped outside to yell at them to knock it off, when HE was almost knocked on his ass by the stench of Skunk.

Thankfully this time wasn’t as bad as the last time the pups got skunked. Only 2 of the 3 (one of ours and the foster we have). Girl (the foster pup) got a bit of it and Duncan our male got hit in the neck/face. Sandy our 11 year old knew better and ran the other way (she has no teeth this time to bite the pretty kitty with). So at 10:30 pm the hubby mixed up the de-skunking bath wash (peroxide, baking soda, dish detergent) and I hopped in the car to get more peroxide from the grocery store that is thankfully open late on sundays.

Fast forward through Monday (boring), Tuesday night the hubby worked towards evicting the Kitties from their home he saw them near in the yard. So as he goes to put the moth balls around the area he saw them in, one goes scurrying away, and the the other unfortunately is taking a dirt nap as the hubby found him sleeping with the flies.

Well that’s about it, the house doesn’t smell, the dogs don’t smell and yard doesn’t smell.




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