Once for Good Luck….

Twice because we are crazy.

The week after Vegas was just as crazy as the week of Vegas. It took us nearly a week just to recover. Memorial day’s meat-a-palooza was a rousing success. It was all down hill from then.

It always seems that the short work weeks tend to feel longer then the regular work weeks. That week was pretty uneventful, a lot of figuring out what happened while I was gone and figuring out what June was going to bring. We also had a friend visiting from North Carolina for the week so that made the home life fun.

We went and saw X-Men First Class. I must say I rather enjoyed the movie, it helped that most of the actors in the movie were easy on the eyes. I think I will go on record as saying this is the best of the Super Hero movies that I have seen. On top of the Human houseguest we also had a 4 legged houseguest, my best friends’ beagle boxer mix. Miss Maggie loves to come and visit and with each one she gets more behaved. She also gets a spa treatment while she is here.

The weather here finally broke just in time for the fun part of the week. Last night we had out first Firemen’s Parade of the season, the Drum Corps I lead does mostly Volunteer Firemen’s Parades during the summer. Last night we marched for one of the fire companies we have marched for years for. Since they were the hosts we get to lead the parade. Then after we marched the mile, we got on our bus and headed back to the beginning to do it all over again. This normally would be good fun but in 90 degree weather, yeah not so much.

We braved the heat and the band sounded good. Up next is another parade on Saturday then our annual community service work playing at a local Flag Day Ceremony for our local Elks Lodge on Sunday.

That’s it for now…stay cool, or warm wherever you may be…..


4 thoughts on “Once for Good Luck….

  1. Glad you’re blogging. I enjoyed reading about the lives f my friends. Whew! marching in 90F temps — I can barely tolerate laying on my bed naked in such weather. Lol. But as Brian tweeted you were SO CUTE in your uniform marching along. 🙂

  2. Kathy Bacon says:

    Question: When you are hotter than all get out there marching along, how do you not just pass out? I just worked out in the basement where it is much cooler than upstairs with an industrial size fan blowing on me and could have passed out!

    I have to go find the tweet from Brian as I was not able to look at the pictures when I was near the Canadian Border – Could not live there without internet –

    • Honestly that uniform is a little roomy and breathes a bit. i will admit though it was really hot the other night. I was sure to water up all day knowing I would sweat it all out.

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