Vegas Day 3

Monday was a super busy and super early start to the day. We were picked up bright and early by the tour operator and whisked away to Coyote Springs for an ATV adventure. What an awesome experience, after a brief introduction on how to use the ATV off we went onto the Desert Trails. It took a little getting used to but I managed to enjoy myself driving these monsters.

There were 10 of us total out for the adventure so they broke us into 2 groups of 5. The Hubby, our friends, and I were in the first group of 5 to go. Off we rode over peaks and valleys on the trails in a single file line. Man was it Dusty! After our first trip around we took a break in the shade while the other group went out for their first ride. After they got back we went out for a second ride while they had lunch. Once we got back, they went out again and we had lunch. Then it was back in the van for the hour+ ride back to our Condo and a nice Shower to get off all the dust.

Once we all showered and felt better, we needed to decide what the night had in store for us. So a quick trip to the Strip was decided and off we went. The first stop was the Tix 4 Tonight booth to see what was available for shows. The one show I had my heart set on seeing while we were here was Zumanity. They had tickets but they couldn’t tell us exactly where the tickets were. Thankfully the Ticket booth was right across the street from New York New York where the Zumanity Theater is. So we walked across the street (not an easy feat in this damn city). After much back and forth (literally and figuratively), we finally purchased the tickets that I wanted! Duo Love seats for 2 front row.

With tickets in hand we headed back across the street and hit up the M&M world store.  A few souvenirs in hand and off we went back to the condo to change for dinner and the show.

Dinner was Fabulous, so far one of the best meals I’ve had. We ate at The Grand Wok at MGM as it is right across the street from NY NY where the show was. I ordered Kim Chee and Mandarin Beef Noodle Soup. Both were a bit spicy but so delicious. We had about an hour to spare between dinner and the show so I sat at a slot machine and donated my $20 for the day to the one armed Bandits.

If you only have time for 1 show then I would say Run don’t walk to see Zumanity. This show was all it was described and more. Aside from all the topless women, but to make up for it there were plenty of nearly naked men too! Thrown in as filler between acts were some pretty funny little skits of comedy with some audience participation. I won’t go into too much detail because I wouldn’t do it justice. Spend the extra money and get the sofa seating the view is amazing and it makes the experience that much better!

So it seems Monday was our busiest day so far. Watch for more to come later this week.

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