Off and rolling

In just a mere 3 1/2 days the hubby and I will be off on a Grand Adventure.

We will be taking our first ever trip to Las Vegas (and our first non-cruise vacation in about 6 years). We are traveling with some good friends of ours you may know as The Bowling Wives.

So far the week is shaping up to be pretty fabulous. The trip also happens to coincide with the Hubby’s birthday. So far we have planned the following activities:

Mini Golf (There was a Groupon for that)
ATV Ride (another Groupon)
Cheesecake Factory for Birthday Dinner
Blue Man Group (hubby’s birthday gift)
A Comedy show with Hal Sparks (you guessed it another Groupon)
Plus the Casinos, the sights, the people watching, Gondola Ride at the Venetian, Eating, walking, Eating, The M&M Store and maybe a couple other shows.

We are there for a week and are open to Suggestions on things to do or things we shouldn’t miss, so leave a comment if you have one!


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