>Happy Birthday Rewind

>So this past weekend was my Birthday, or as someone I know calls it The Anniversary of Exiting the Birth Canal. I guess the best way recap is just take it day by day.

Birthday weekend started on Friday with a day off from work. I ran some errands to pick up some supplied for things later in the weekend, went to the car wash twice, then the Hubby and I went to dinner with my Current and Former Work Wives.

The current work wife picked the place up near her and it was WONDERFUL.

I took this picture with Instagram and used a filter on it. I think it came out fabulous.
This was my Dinner – Drunken Shrimp with Linguine
Saturday was the official day of Birth and was super busy as well. It started with a Meet and Greet with our Greyhound adoption group. A couple hours spent promoting adoption of Greyhounds is a good way to give back.
After Meetin & Greeting we moved on to Lunch with my Mom, Sister, Nephew, Step Niece and Best Girlfriend. We actually started out at one place but their kitchen was closed so we ended up at the standby place for Birthdays. A local place has a deal where on your birthday you get your age in Chicken Wings. It’s a good deal but the older you get the more friends you need to bring.
This was my basket of Birthday Wings
After lunch we took a quick nap then headed to Dinner and a Concert we had tickets for. Dinner was at another place recommended by the current work wife. The place was called Plan B Burger Bar.  They tout Burgers, Bourbon, and Beer (a ton on tap too bad I don’t drink it). I had the Cuban Burger which was a pork burger with pickles, bacon, and cheese. To drink I had a Grape Kool Aid – Grape Vodka,  Blue Curacao, Sour Mix, Cranberry Juice and Sprite. It even looked purple and tasted yummy.
After dinner was the big concert we had tickets for. A few months ago we were out and saw on PBS a concert showing of Matt Dusk, Live in Las Vegas. I have been a huge fan of his since he was on the short lived TV Show “The Casino”. He is Canadian, sexy as hell, and a great singer/showman.
The opener was Anna Wilson, a country/jazz singer. Then Matt came out and sang his heart out. It was a small intimate crowd, maybe about a 100 or so. We had great seats (though any seat in the house was a great seat). 

Sunday the celebrations continued with Brunch at friends house. This is the 3rd in what I hope is a long line of rotating Brunches. The next brunch will be our turn to host. There are 4 couples (3gay, 1 straight) and we just get together at one house and have a great time. I volunteered to bring dessert, although my initial idea didn’t work out very well, I think the final product was amazing.

Red Velvet Cake, Nutella, and Cream Cheese Frosting
Along with all the fabulous food we had a bit much to drink too!
After brunch we had to head on out to the last night of bowling, which I will cover in another post later on.

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