>Odds and Ends


So it’s been a while since i’ve done a right normal blog post. It’s been a busy month here. And by busy I mean downright uneventful.

For 3 weeks in March/Early April we had a Foster Greyhound staying with us until the group we work with could find him a proper home. It was fun, he was cute, and he very quickly won everyone’s heart he met. They say this was one of the fastest fostering’s within our group. Although we haven’t taken in another one yet. I think it is something we may consider.

In early March we got the iPhone on Verizon since it was time to upgrade. Can I just say, I don’t know how I lived without it! I am happy to not have to carry around a phone and my old iPod Touch.

One of my New Favorite Apps on the iPhone is Instagram. It is a picture blog for a lack of better description. You follow other people and see all the pictures they post, and they follow you to see all the pictures you post. It has a bunch of filters to give you that Artsy Fartsy feeling. If you have instagram and want to follow me my name is drummajorkev.

If you have any favorite iPhone apps let me know in the comments.

So April arrived which brought with it, Pollen and Birthday Month. We did family brunch early in the month, my younger brother had a Birthday BBQ and Bonfire at his house last week for his birthday. Then we had the Drum Corps awards dinner. Nothing too exciting there, I did get a trophy for missing only 1 parade.

My Birthday is next week. We have tickets to see Matt Dusk next saturday as my birthday celebration since he happens to be in the state that night. I am looking forward to it.

So what’s next? Parade Season starts at the end of May so Parade posts will replace bowling posts since Bowling ends next week too. 

The best part of May is our week long vacation in Las Vegas with our bowling wives. Looking forward to that in a big way. I will be sure to blog about that. It will be our first time there so any suggestions on places to see and eat would be most welcome. I will also try to use Instagram to post more pictures while out and about.

Well it’s time to go get ready to head out for errands, haircuts, Costco, wherever else we may land. 

Happy Easter and Happy Weekend.

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