>My Nose and other things

>Well here is the update you have all been waiting  for (well alright maybe not).

Tuesday morning was a whirlwind of activity, We arrived at the hospital, and I wasn’t in the waiting room but about 10 minutes before they called me to go back to the surgery suite. At this point it was put this gown on, put your belongings in this bag and sit on this gurney.

The nurse came around and asked all her questions, took my BP and Temp then left. Then the next person came in to ask some more questions and make sure I was doing ok. Here is my only complaint, when I spoke to the hospital pre-surgery they insisted I had to have an EKG, so 3 phone calls later it was settled I’d arrive early and they would do it then. Well guess who arrived early to find out no one knew a damn thing about it, so after much back and forth again, they did the EKG.

Once all of that was complete they allowed the hubby to come back and wait with me. In the meantime it was me and crappy daytime TV. AUGH! It was Maury and the baby daddies, and Jerry with the 3somes with my sister. I settled on The Price is Right. So sometime around noon or so My Doctor, The Anesthesiologist and The Woman I learned who would be driving my gurney all came to visit.  The hubby was teasing her and asked for her Gurney Drivers License cause of that one time I was in the Hospital for another surgery the girl hit every wall on the way to my room. She said “I’m a woman they revoked my Gurney License a long time ago”.

The next thing I remember is them giving me a shot and starting to wheel me away, then when I start to come to there I am in recovery, with all their St Patricks Decorations. I will admit I was a very bit woozy at that point. The nice nurse brought me some ginger ale and walked me around, then they sent me on my way.

It has been a tough few days but I do feel better. My biggest complaints are the constant dry mouth (especially after sleeping) and the fact I can’t breathe through my nose because of the Plastic Tubes up there keeping everything in place. I get the tubes removed on Monday and they say once that happens it will be so much better.  Oh and food. I miss food. It’s been soft foods since Tuesday night. Protein Shakes, lots of liquids, eggs, and last night I graduated to lukewarm soup.

So here I sit at home recovering. But avoiding the daytime tv.


5 thoughts on “>My Nose and other things

  1. >Thinking of you and hoping you smell better soon. No, wait, that didn't sound right…hoping you're able to smell better soon. Is that better? I'm not so sure.

  2. >I had some of the same things done… cuts to my soft palate, polyps removed and sinuses scraped, tonsils out, uvila removed and deviated septum fixed. It was miserable… my nose was packed and my mouth wouldn't stop bleeding. If you sneezed or coughed, there went the clot and it all started over again. Let me tell you though… I don't snore any more and haven't had any problems. My nose does swell shut from allergies now, which makes me a mouth breather at night and it dries it out… but otherwise, no more problems. Good luck on your recovery… it gets better 🙂

  3. >Thanks everyone. Finally feeling better. Back to eating more regular food. And D@vid you are right. I would do it all over again knowing what I know now.

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