>Busy Busy Busy

>Whew. What a weekend. It was CRAZY!

Saturday (with the impending doom of another storm we actually didn’t get) was a busy day. Besides haircuts which were desperately needed, we managed to squeeze in a fabulous lunch date with our friends Walt and Ken.
Now I say we squeezed it in was because the storm could have thwarted our plans yet again.

See Walt (from I am Walter) and Ken live in Albany. We live in CT. Meeting for lunch is not just something we can do spontaneously. We had this planned for oh about a month or so. What we do is meet “in the middle” between Albany and here. There is this fabulous restaurant in Hyde Park NY called The Eveready Diner (as seen on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives). It sits just a little north of The Culinary Institute of America. The food is worth the drive.

So after lunch we did some shopping, then headed home, long enough for me to frost the cake I made the night before and head out to our Bowling Wifes birthday dinner at a bar about an hour away. Below is a picture of the cake. Needless to say it was a big hit the the lesbians.

Sunday was another busy day. With the sun shining and the temperature above freezing the hubby and I were able to chip away at and clear up the slab of ice that was our driveway. We worked on that while waiting for my brother, sister-in-law and niece to arrive. They were coming to visit and have lunch with us. The hubby made a fabulous potato soup and the we made paninis to go with them.

While we were outside the dogs decided they wanted snow cones, I snapped this picture of them licking the snow pile in the yard.

After our visit it turned into hang out on the couch day. Since there was no Bowling last night due to some sportsball game we just hung out and caught up on shows we had recorded. We didn’t watch the Booper Sowl or the Commercials.

And now it’s Monday!


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