>Sell Sell Sell…Snow Snow Snow

>Well what a busy ass week this has been. Easiest way to do it is break it down by day. I will cover last week’s bowling escapades in a separate post.

Monday – this was the easiest of the days since I was off from work. Just a lazy day lounging around the house with the doggies.

Tuesday- Snow and Freezing rain made for a hell of a commute to the office, only to find that I was one of a few who actually decided to commute to the office. This shtick is getting really old. It’s like I work with children and not adults. Hello you live in New England you should be used to this weather.

Wednesday – This was the start to the fun of the week. It was out National Sales Conference (unfortunately held in cold New England and not some place tropical). All of the outside Sales Team came to my office for 3 days of meetings. The First day and Last day were at a hotel near the office the Second day was at the office. This was my chance to see some coworkers whom until now I had never met in person, just on the phone and email.

Wednesday night the company sponsored a Happy Hour (or 4) with the entire company invited. It was great to hang out with those I work with (that I like) and just be in a relaxed atmosphere not talking work.

Thursday – More meetings of one of which I was tasked, by my boss as part of my new position, to attend. This was the 2nd of 3 meetings I joined the sales team at.

Thursday night my favorite team member who came in from Boston for the week had dinner with my hubby and a former coworker. We had a fun time eating and drinking and laughing.

Friday – More Snow, woke up to another 8 or so inches on top of the 30+ we have had on the ground since Dec 27. Thankfully this was the light and fluffy stuff and not the wet stuff we got Tuesday. Last day of the meetings, which I attended the one and only 2 1/2 hour morning session, then said my goodbyes and headed to the office for the rest of the day.

Friday was just a weird day at the office, there were some who worked from home, but there as an overall quietness to the day that I just can’t figure out.

Today – Not much to report for today. Later tonight we are headed to my parents for a Birthday Dinner for my Nephew, we are bringing the Mac & Cheese.

Tomorrow is Bowling again

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