>Bowling Week #4

>This week we played Team Split Happens. 2 of the 4 of them were missing so there were 2 subs thrown in the mix.

We took 1 points which gives us 6.5 points for the week which puts us in 10th place (down from 8th)

My Starting Average for the night was 146 (up from 140) and my handicap is 54.

I bowled a 120,145, and 135. 
Which makes my average 142 and Handicap 58
This week we play the Alley Cats (this is their second year as a team previously the 4 women were all subs)
Oh and the cupcakes last week were a big hit!

>This is the one I stole from MrMikeLawson

>So I was perusing my Blogs today and was forced to steal today’s post.

I listen to a lot of podcasts one of which is The Game Night Guys. They are hysterical (and pretty damn cute to boot). So one of them Mike has his own blog called What Some Would Call Lies. So he challenged those of us with Blogs to post this.

Open up your iTunes library and click on the “TOP 25 MOST PLAYED” smart playlist.  Take a screen-capture.  Then blog it. Cause he is super-curious.

So here is mine. I can already hear most of you…..I went a step further and included the album artwork. I will have to revisit this again sometime, I wonder if redoing the music synced to my ipod had any effect on this?

>Very Interesting

>So I just did 2 posts and was poking around making some cosmetic changes when I happened upon the stats page….

Here are the all time pageviews by country for my little Blog. Interesting to say the least. Leave me a comment if you are from one of these countries…Would be nice to know who’s reading.

United States
South Korea
United Kingdom

>Bowling Week 3

>This week we played Team Bowl Jobs. Can I just say we had so much fun bowling against them, a far cry from the lack of fun (or as one of the guys on the other team dubbed them The No Fun Zone) from last week.

We took 2.5 points (yes 1/2 a point we won 1 game, they won one game and we tied a game, we got overall pins) for the week which puts us in 8th place (up from 10th)

My Starting Average for the night was 140 (up from 138) and my handicap is 60.

I bowled a 150, 171, and a 153. I had 3 very good games.

The bowling Alley still hasn’t updated their website with the weekly tally sheets and such, so I don’t know what my ending average was for the week.
This week we play the Bowling League Founders (who happen to be 2 of my good friends as well) Team Split Happens (they are in 10th place)

>Sell Sell Sell…Snow Snow Snow

>Well what a busy ass week this has been. Easiest way to do it is break it down by day. I will cover last week’s bowling escapades in a separate post.

Monday – this was the easiest of the days since I was off from work. Just a lazy day lounging around the house with the doggies.

Tuesday- Snow and Freezing rain made for a hell of a commute to the office, only to find that I was one of a few who actually decided to commute to the office. This shtick is getting really old. It’s like I work with children and not adults. Hello you live in New England you should be used to this weather.

Wednesday – This was the start to the fun of the week. It was out National Sales Conference (unfortunately held in cold New England and not some place tropical). All of the outside Sales Team came to my office for 3 days of meetings. The First day and Last day were at a hotel near the office the Second day was at the office. This was my chance to see some coworkers whom until now I had never met in person, just on the phone and email.

Wednesday night the company sponsored a Happy Hour (or 4) with the entire company invited. It was great to hang out with those I work with (that I like) and just be in a relaxed atmosphere not talking work.

Thursday – More meetings of one of which I was tasked, by my boss as part of my new position, to attend. This was the 2nd of 3 meetings I joined the sales team at.

Thursday night my favorite team member who came in from Boston for the week had dinner with my hubby and a former coworker. We had a fun time eating and drinking and laughing.

Friday – More Snow, woke up to another 8 or so inches on top of the 30+ we have had on the ground since Dec 27. Thankfully this was the light and fluffy stuff and not the wet stuff we got Tuesday. Last day of the meetings, which I attended the one and only 2 1/2 hour morning session, then said my goodbyes and headed to the office for the rest of the day.

Friday was just a weird day at the office, there were some who worked from home, but there as an overall quietness to the day that I just can’t figure out.

Today – Not much to report for today. Later tonight we are headed to my parents for a Birthday Dinner for my Nephew, we are bringing the Mac & Cheese.

Tomorrow is Bowling again

>Bowling Week #2

>This week we played Team Pinbowl Wizards.This team tends to be a little more on the competitive side than the rest of us, but we were closely matched as far as averages and handicaps.

We took 3 points for the week which puts us in 10th place (no change from the week before) 
My Average was 138 and my handicap is 62 when we started the game.

I bowled a 166, 114, and a 145.

The bowling Alley hasn’t quite updated their website with the weekly tally sheets and such, so I don’t know who we play next week, or what my ending average was for the week.

Let’s Bowl!


>On the contrary to what the title says, I did not manage to get very many strikes at bowling this past Sunday.

I am still awaiting the official results to be posted but I thought an update was in order.

Team AlleyOops returned with all the regular members. We bowled our bowling wives Team Holy Splits.

I bowled a 124, 131, and a 161 this week which is pretty good and keeps me right about my average.

We didn’t get any points as the 88 point deficit was just barely too much to make up although we gave it our best shot!

Look for another update next week where I hope to say that we actually won some points.

Oh and now It is snowing here and the coworkers are dropping like flies. Sigh.