>The countdown has begun

>Well I feel remiss in not having posted in a while. Let’s see what’s been happening…..

Well thanks for stopping by!

All Kidding aside it is one of my favorite days: Deep Fried Turkey Eve

As in the past the husband and I will be providing the deep fried turkey as part of the Thanksgiving dinner. This will go along with all the sides and the oven baked turkey Mom insists on having. And since we have all that oil bubbling, why not throw in some deep fried mushrooms and Pickles for a little appeateaser.

So the other big deal is the Cruise has finally come. Saturday we fly on down to Fort Lauderdale to spend the night before we board the cruise ship Sunday morning. I am still trying to decide what I should wear for my TSA MANdated Pat Down. I guess I haven’t been following things too closely because I sure don’t know what the big deal is with these scanners.

From FTL on Sunday we set sail for San Juan, Puerto Rico. Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, and Phillipsburg, St Maarten. This is a much needed, and much anticipated vacation, seeing as we booked WAY back in April.

I will be sure to try and take some notes of stuff to post about upon my return.

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