>Mid October

>It’s Mid-October and I got nothing for you.

Quiet weekend lead into a quiet work week.

The best thing about this week is my Flu Shot and the fact that I am out of the office on Friday.

Friday will be jam packed with fun stuff like a teeth cleaning, Emissions testing, and a visit to the car shop for the noise the engine is making.

I know don’t get jealous of all the fun I am going to be having.

Oh and 45 Days until vacation!


4 thoughts on “>Mid October

  1. >You really have a lot of things to do this month huh? I'm glad that you always keep yourself busy and yet, you still got to take care of yourself as well. As for me, this week will be a busy one because I've got lots of appointments too. Tomorrow, I'll be going to my dentist (Germantown area) and have my teeth cleaned. My dentist (Germantown, TN) is really great in making my teeth healthy and I think by next time, I'll be trying their new dental services.

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