>Ding Dong!

>Well it has been way too long. I know I know. I blame it mostly on the head cold that hit me a week and a half ago.

So let’s start at the last post. After our fabulous day in NYC with friends came a somewhat lackluster week. This is the week the head cold hit me. It started Tuesday and is still kinda lingering.

The hubby also started work on his project of digging up around the pool where it used to be mulch but over the years juts degraded into dirt.

This took him most of the week but overall turned out really well and ready for the onslaught of new mulch.

Saturday the 25th I had a parade, it was unusually hot for the end of September, the parade wasn’t long but was stop and go which made it seem longer. The Corps did well but the Color Guard were the only ones to take home a trophy.

Sunday was a busy day of errands and the one thing that signals summer is over, the closing of the pool. It’s not a big pool (about 15′ around) but it does the job on those hot summer days.

Which now brings us to this past week. Work was crazy for me, what with all the shunning going on, and at one point for 2 days covering for 3 other people who were out.

The shunning is pretty funny (so far 7 days) they act like I had control over a situation they aren’t happy with (I call it guilty by association). Let’s see how long this goes on for.

Monday night was the annual nominations of officers for the Drum Corps. Once again I am running unopposed for Drum Major.

Weds the hubby and I spent about an hour and a half moving the 12 tons (or yards whatever) from the driveway to around the pool and then the rest to a pile in another part of the yard. Wednesday was the only day without rain this past week until the weekend. I figured we better get it in while the storm is calm.

Friday was dinner out with some friends to our favorite Asian Restaurant. Then just some chatting over coffee and dessert at our place.

Yesterday brought the last parade of the season. Was a perfect day weather wise for a parade. The crowds were out in full force which really makes for a good parade. Still waiting to hear if we won any trophies.

Another weekend over….they seem to go by so fast.

56 Days until Vacation!


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