>New York City?


Twice within a month!
That’s right. The hubby and I had another fantastic trip into the city to meet up with some friends for lunch.
We all met at this cute little place called Piola, where they serve pizza and this fabulous drink called a Caprioska
Here is the wonderful pizza I had, Shrimp and Brie with Arugula. It was superb!
After lunch the little group of us wandered over to Max Brenner Chocolates. All I can say is WOW! It was like I died and went to chocolate heaven. Still full from lunch I didnt partake in any of the delicious looking treats like:
Chocolate Syringes
  or the Chocolate Hot Tub!
The hubby and I did manage to each get a nice chocolate drink. He had the Mexican Hot Chocolate and I had a Toffee Hot Chocolate. It was just the right amount and left me very satisfied!

So with chocolate drinks, and other goodies that everyone else purchased in hand we wandered over to some park.

Now I love a good park on a nice sunny almost fall day, except when there are bible thumpers out telling us all their woes. We just walked a little faster to get past them and found a nice shady spot to relax.

I managed to spot this across the park

Unfortunately the park is where our journey ended as we had other plans to go see our bowling wives for dinner. Overall we had a fantastic trip in to see some fantastic people.

Here are a couple pics of the fabulousness that was our company.

This is Matty
This is The Hubby and I with Princess Holly who was the instigator of this visit!

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