>What a great weekend. On top of our usual Saturday Errands, which this weekend involved out monthly trek over to Sam’s club in NY, we made a small pit stop to meet 2 fabulous friends for lunch.

 So we met Walt and his hubby Ken just about 2 years ago in NYC as part of a group gathering. We have since then kept in touch via Facebook and our mutual blogs.

So after much cajoling and finally putting all the right things in place and much discussion, we finally made it happen and had a wonderful lunch meeting the 4 of us.

Walt was every bit the great guy I remembered from so long ago! And contrary to popular belief his husband Ken is a pretty nice guy as well.

Since Walt and Ken live in Albany, and we live in Danbury, the most logical place to meet was Hyde Park NY at the Eveready Diner. My hubby and I first heard of this great diner when it was showcased on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network. And if it is good enough for Guy then hell it must be good enough for us.

So all in all the food and the Company we kept made for a great day all around. Later that night we attended our friends monthly game night where I was able to break in the new Scattegories game I bought for the occasion, and promptly lost the over game, but had some wins a couple of the rounds.


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