>Eat and Meat


So last weekend as I mentioned in my last post the husband and I took a trip into New York City to see a show.
 We started with a fabulous dinner at Choga

We started with an appetizer of  

In addition to the entree we ordered we were served these 4 sides to complement our meal.
 From the top left:
Sardines (I think they were fried)
Bean Sprouts
Pickled Cucumber
The Hubby Ordered  


I ordered
Bulgogi BiBimBap
After dinner we had some time to kill so we wandered up the Street for a coffee and some people watching.

Then it was time for the show.
The theater was cute, and had 2 shows going at once. We were downstairs, while all the fancy people were upstairs to see Colin Quinn.
I would have liked to have said it was a mixed crowd but the ladies (including the one in the above picture) outnumbered the men 10 to 1. I had no indication of where our seats were until we arrived and were seated, and I am happy to say that we were in the 2nd row.
The show started with a Female Comic, who was pretty funny. The best laugh I had was her joke about Guys who will always get distracted by a “Titty Jig”!
After the comic performed there was a quick intermission then the Penis Boys came out in their fancy Silk Capes! These guys were CUTE! and once they disrobed, had the bodies to go with the sexy faces.
They started out with some basic “tricks” as they called them, and in between tricks, were pretty funny with stories about the trick or just taking jabs at each other.
At one point they asked for a female volunteer from the audience, she came up on stage, they explained the next trick to her, then the next thing you know one of the guys is doing a hand stand with her holding his ankles and a face full of crotch (lucky girl). To say she was shocked would be an understatement.
We all got a good laugh and she got a polaroid of it all.
After that they then asked for a Male volunteer to come up. This was the 2nd audience participation part of the show and the only time they allowed pictures.
The guy who went up on stage was going to perform the next trick along with the performers. He as well was pretty cute and had no trouble getting up on stage and dropping his drawers.
Since they knew we were taking pictures I was able to snag these 2 of the performers.
Then thankfully (as I wasn’t using the Flash) I was able to snap this one of Gavin using the zoom!

So overall it was a good show. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who happens to be able to get tickets in a city near them who might enjoy 2 guys doing tricks with the naughty bits.

This coming weekend will be an extra special one as well as I get to meet one of my blog buddies Walt. It is also our friends Weekly Game night. So all in all it’s shaping up to be a very good weekend!

Hope Yours is as well.

One thought on “>Eat and Meat

  1. >WHOA! nice! I have heard wonderful reviews about that show.if I were invited on stage, I just don't know how I would stop myself from drooling…or licking…or nibbling…or (fill in the blank here)…hee hee!PS – OMFG, the word is "reamer" – please…

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