>New York City?


Twice within a month!
That’s right. The hubby and I had another fantastic trip into the city to meet up with some friends for lunch.
We all met at this cute little place called Piola, where they serve pizza and this fabulous drink called a Caprioska
Here is the wonderful pizza I had, Shrimp and Brie with Arugula. It was superb!
After lunch the little group of us wandered over to Max Brenner Chocolates. All I can say is WOW! It was like I died and went to chocolate heaven. Still full from lunch I didnt partake in any of the delicious looking treats like:
Chocolate Syringes
  or the Chocolate Hot Tub!
The hubby and I did manage to each get a nice chocolate drink. He had the Mexican Hot Chocolate and I had a Toffee Hot Chocolate. It was just the right amount and left me very satisfied!

So with chocolate drinks, and other goodies that everyone else purchased in hand we wandered over to some park.

Now I love a good park on a nice sunny almost fall day, except when there are bible thumpers out telling us all their woes. We just walked a little faster to get past them and found a nice shady spot to relax.

I managed to spot this across the park

Unfortunately the park is where our journey ended as we had other plans to go see our bowling wives for dinner. Overall we had a fantastic trip in to see some fantastic people.

Here are a couple pics of the fabulousness that was our company.

This is Matty
This is The Hubby and I with Princess Holly who was the instigator of this visit!


>What a great weekend. On top of our usual Saturday Errands, which this weekend involved out monthly trek over to Sam’s club in NY, we made a small pit stop to meet 2 fabulous friends for lunch.

 So we met Walt and his hubby Ken just about 2 years ago in NYC as part of a group gathering. We have since then kept in touch via Facebook and our mutual blogs.

So after much cajoling and finally putting all the right things in place and much discussion, we finally made it happen and had a wonderful lunch meeting the 4 of us.

Walt was every bit the great guy I remembered from so long ago! And contrary to popular belief his husband Ken is a pretty nice guy as well.

Since Walt and Ken live in Albany, and we live in Danbury, the most logical place to meet was Hyde Park NY at the Eveready Diner. My hubby and I first heard of this great diner when it was showcased on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network. And if it is good enough for Guy then hell it must be good enough for us.

So all in all the food and the Company we kept made for a great day all around. Later that night we attended our friends monthly game night where I was able to break in the new Scattegories game I bought for the occasion, and promptly lost the over game, but had some wins a couple of the rounds.

>Eat and Meat


So last weekend as I mentioned in my last post the husband and I took a trip into New York City to see a show.
 We started with a fabulous dinner at Choga

We started with an appetizer of  

In addition to the entree we ordered we were served these 4 sides to complement our meal.
 From the top left:
Sardines (I think they were fried)
Bean Sprouts
Pickled Cucumber
The Hubby Ordered  


I ordered
Bulgogi BiBimBap
After dinner we had some time to kill so we wandered up the Street for a coffee and some people watching.

Then it was time for the show.
The theater was cute, and had 2 shows going at once. We were downstairs, while all the fancy people were upstairs to see Colin Quinn.
I would have liked to have said it was a mixed crowd but the ladies (including the one in the above picture) outnumbered the men 10 to 1. I had no indication of where our seats were until we arrived and were seated, and I am happy to say that we were in the 2nd row.
The show started with a Female Comic, who was pretty funny. The best laugh I had was her joke about Guys who will always get distracted by a “Titty Jig”!
After the comic performed there was a quick intermission then the Penis Boys came out in their fancy Silk Capes! These guys were CUTE! and once they disrobed, had the bodies to go with the sexy faces.
They started out with some basic “tricks” as they called them, and in between tricks, were pretty funny with stories about the trick or just taking jabs at each other.
At one point they asked for a female volunteer from the audience, she came up on stage, they explained the next trick to her, then the next thing you know one of the guys is doing a hand stand with her holding his ankles and a face full of crotch (lucky girl). To say she was shocked would be an understatement.
We all got a good laugh and she got a polaroid of it all.
After that they then asked for a Male volunteer to come up. This was the 2nd audience participation part of the show and the only time they allowed pictures.
The guy who went up on stage was going to perform the next trick along with the performers. He as well was pretty cute and had no trouble getting up on stage and dropping his drawers.
Since they knew we were taking pictures I was able to snag these 2 of the performers.
Then thankfully (as I wasn’t using the Flash) I was able to snap this one of Gavin using the zoom!

So overall it was a good show. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who happens to be able to get tickets in a city near them who might enjoy 2 guys doing tricks with the naughty bits.

This coming weekend will be an extra special one as well as I get to meet one of my blog buddies Walt. It is also our friends Weekly Game night. So all in all it’s shaping up to be a very good weekend!

Hope Yours is as well.

>Labor? Day


Another week has come and gone.

I remembered something I meant to mention in my last post, after I posted it.

86 Days until the Big Gay Cruise of 2010!

More on that later.

I really need to step it up in the excitement department around here. There hasn’t been a whole hell of a lot going on.

Work is picking up again which is nice. The summer can be slow since school is out, and with most schools already or soon to be back in session things are going to fly.

I am looking forward to this long weekend, which honestly starts a months worth of fun things to report on.

This weekend is Labor Day weekend, nothing really planned for Sunday or Monday but Sat night we will be going to see this:

The hubby found this website a while ago that offers deals on tickets to see shows. So for the price they were offering I thought Hell we haven’t seen a show or been into NYC for a long time. So off we go Sat night after our friends pool party. I will be sure to provide a full report afterwards.

Next weekend is our friends monthly game night. In honor of this monthly shindig I have started listening to a new podcast Game Night Guys I plan on getting their reviews and picking up some new games for the gang to play! The first one I am going to be on the lookout for is Scattegories. I think this game would do very well with the crazy bunch of homos (and some straights) that play each month.

The following weekend we will be back in NYC to visit a couple friends who will be in town for the weekend. Haven’t seen them in forever and looking forward to some adult beverages and good company.

Then the next 2 weekends wrap up the Drum Corps parade season with 2 Convention parades.

So back to the Big Gay Cruise of 2010. The hubby and I and 2 other friends have planned our vacation (rather late this year) for Thanksgiving Weekend. We booked a fabulous room on the Celebrity Solstice (first time on this ship and Celebrity in general). This will also mark our first time booking with a group.

This won’t be an all gay cruise (not sure we could do that) but a group of gays traveling under the Pied Piper Travel group. From what I have read this looks to be one fabulous trip! Will report more on that as it gets closer and more details come out.

So I will wrap this up for now as the anticipated email has just arrived here at the office. Closing at 2! Happy Labor Day Indeed!