>Shake Shake Shake

>Hear that? That’s the sound of my thumb working again. Now that I got the stitches out this past Monday I can now use my thumb again. Let me tell you, typing has been a bitch.

So what else has been happening since my last official post?

While we were away I found out that I won Best Drum Major at the parade we had right before we went away. See picture below of the fabulous Trophy I got for it.

We had our last official Summer Parade 2 weeks ago on Friday the 13th. We get a few weeks off now until the end of Sept when the Convention Parades begin. This thankfully gives my thumb plenty of time to heal.

In the meantime Drum Corps rehearsals start up again the beginning of Sept, making the hubby a Wednesday night Widow.

The weekend of our last parade we also attended our friends Monthly Game Night. This is always a great time and this one also happened to be the 1 yr anniversary.

That brings us to the great cheese grater incident. After that things slowed down since the thumb didn’t allow for much doings.

This past week we visited my new niece finally, celebrated moms birthday, and now it’s Friday and the weekend is here!


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