>Shake Shake Shake

>Hear that? That’s the sound of my thumb working again. Now that I got the stitches out this past Monday I can now use my thumb again. Let me tell you, typing has been a bitch.

So what else has been happening since my last official post?

While we were away I found out that I won Best Drum Major at the parade we had right before we went away. See picture below of the fabulous Trophy I got for it.

We had our last official Summer Parade 2 weeks ago on Friday the 13th. We get a few weeks off now until the end of Sept when the Convention Parades begin. This thankfully gives my thumb plenty of time to heal.

In the meantime Drum Corps rehearsals start up again the beginning of Sept, making the hubby a Wednesday night Widow.

The weekend of our last parade we also attended our friends Monthly Game Night. This is always a great time and this one also happened to be the 1 yr anniversary.

That brings us to the great cheese grater incident. After that things slowed down since the thumb didn’t allow for much doings.

This past week we visited my new niece finally, celebrated moms birthday, and now it’s Friday and the weekend is here!

>I Like Cheese

>But the cheese grater certainly didn’t like me today. After some vacuuming and laundry folding this morning, I attempted to prepare some lunch. The hubby was outside repairing the fence, I broke out the fixins for some Quesadillas.

Fast forward to the cheese being grated and a small piece snaps off causing my thumb to be grated in it’s place.

After about 2 hours in the ER, 3 stitches that will have to come out in a week, a stop at the pharmacy, I finally made it home.

Typing this post certainly wasnt easy, practically nothing has been easy as the thumb i sliced is on my dominant hand.

Le Sigh

>Weekend Update

>Well I think I have finally recovered from the long weekend away and gotten back into the swing of things.

So when we last left off, I was gearing up for the 1 parade of the 2 from last week that I was going to make. I found out while I was away on our little trip that I won Best Drum Major! First win of the season which makes me really happy. Still waiting on my Trophy or Plaque or whatever.

So on Thursday we packed up the Puppies into the Mini-Van rental and headed to upstate NY to wine country in the Finger Lakes area. This weekend was a Greyhound event filled with wine and dogs.

Thursday was the quiet travel day, with a small little welcome reception that night. We caught up with the other people from our adoption group here locally that were on the trip, enjoyed some hors d’evours and a couple glasses of wine.

Friday was the first of the 2 big days with the vendors and Wine Tastings galore. On Friday we managed to browse the vendors and make mental note of what we wanted to buy. Then it was off to Wineries and One Distillery. It was fabulous seeing all the wineries and all the dogs visiting with their owners.

I must say there are some really good Whites up there; the reds were ok by the hubbies’ standards.

Saturday we decided to do a few of the wineries on the other side of the lake that were participating in this weekend’s event.  The first one had a couple wines we enjoyed; we did pick up a case from them to give as gifts. With a name like Pompous Ass how can you go wrong?

The second winery we visited Saturday was by far one of our favorites. Not only were the wines really good, but the guy giving the tasting was funny, and not bad on the eyes, among other employees that were pretty damn cute too. After a half a case from there off we went back to town. Well I should say we attempted to get back to town but the Italian Festival Parade caused us a bit of a delay.

Sunday we had a great breakfast (at the same place we ate on Saturday) then off to a local state park for a walk with the hounds. The weather was a little overcast which was fine, because it was a bit muggy. After the walk it was back to a couple wineries to get another half a case, then back home to find a place for dinner.

Monday was again a quiet travel day.

Overall the experience was great, the motel was fabulous, the restaurants awesome, and the company extraordinary.

Now the work week has come and gone. Another parade Sat, then another on Weds and Friday.