>Full Circle

>Another week and weekend have come and gone.

It seems you get geared up during the week for all the fun and things to do on the weekend, anbd WHAM it hits you and it’s gone.

The past week was pretty uneventful. Work was quiet. Well no I take that back. Work wasn’t really that quiet since we had 2 new hires start to replace 2 people my dept had lost since April. I have taken to referring to them as Tall, Dark, And handsome and Blonde and Tan as I was still confused on who was who.

Friday was another parade. This one had the excitement of a thunder and lightning storm before it, then a small 2 minute downpour of rain during the middle of it. Didn’t get too wet but the rain did manage to make it muggy.

Saturday the hubby and I ran our errands. Bit of grocery shopping, quick jaunt to the liquor store, the usual. We did have the added excitement of returning our bottles and cans to the fun fun machines. After all was said and done it was about $14 WOOWOO. Now don’t be alarmed we do drink but not that much, we haven’t actually done bottle returns in a few months. Plus we had 2 parties in the last 2 months.

Saturday night was our friends monthly game night. We always have a blast and this month was no exception. It’s fun to go and hang out with friends and meet other friends. This month we played Clue and not to brag or anything but I won with the correct Guess of Mrs. White In the Study with the Lead Pipe. Can’t wait for next months get together.

Sunday was almost as busy but not as fun. It was damn hot out but the lawn needed mowing. So out into the warmth of the day I went (shirtless of course). On top of the mowing and the blowing, the pool needed to have some water drained so the next stop was playing Jack and Jill displacing water from the pool into the vegetable gardens. Once that was done it was shower and lunch time. Off we went to a localish diner then home to the pool to escape the heat.

And now it’s back to Monday….

Things do come full circle.


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