>The Mind Wanders

>Tuesday and All is well!

Well it is all well now. Wasn’t so well earlier today, when I showed up to the office and we had no power. I was hoping it would have stayed off longer but alas we were only given a 15 minute reprieve.

So rewind, last week pretty uneventful both in the work and home lifes.

No parades this past week, was nice to have a week off. Have one upcoming parade on Weds and another on Friday but I will be missing the Friday one as we are going away this weekend but more on that later.

Friday night was a fun night out with my ex-work wife and another friend and the hubby for the ex-work wife’s birthday. We went to our most favorite Asian restaurant, they all shared the Love Boat sushi and a couple other rolls. I had my favorite Tangerine Chicken.

Saturday was another fun day with 2 other friends and their lovely children. We swam in the pool, sat around enjoying adult beverages, and then ate fabulous grilled food and salads, then swam some more.

Sunday was a lazy day aside from the cleaning. The hubby and I moved forward in our Lego Harry Potter game and pretty much just vegged out.

And that brought us back to the work week, which is thankfully a short one! We are so looking forward to going away. We are headed to Upstate NY for a fabulous weekend of Wine tasting and beautiful scenery. More on that to come after we get back.

>Full Circle

>Another week and weekend have come and gone.

It seems you get geared up during the week for all the fun and things to do on the weekend, anbd WHAM it hits you and it’s gone.

The past week was pretty uneventful. Work was quiet. Well no I take that back. Work wasn’t really that quiet since we had 2 new hires start to replace 2 people my dept had lost since April. I have taken to referring to them as Tall, Dark, And handsome and Blonde and Tan as I was still confused on who was who.

Friday was another parade. This one had the excitement of a thunder and lightning storm before it, then a small 2 minute downpour of rain during the middle of it. Didn’t get too wet but the rain did manage to make it muggy.

Saturday the hubby and I ran our errands. Bit of grocery shopping, quick jaunt to the liquor store, the usual. We did have the added excitement of returning our bottles and cans to the fun fun machines. After all was said and done it was about $14 WOOWOO. Now don’t be alarmed we do drink but not that much, we haven’t actually done bottle returns in a few months. Plus we had 2 parties in the last 2 months.

Saturday night was our friends monthly game night. We always have a blast and this month was no exception. It’s fun to go and hang out with friends and meet other friends. This month we played Clue and not to brag or anything but I won with the correct Guess of Mrs. White In the Study with the Lead Pipe. Can’t wait for next months get together.

Sunday was almost as busy but not as fun. It was damn hot out but the lawn needed mowing. So out into the warmth of the day I went (shirtless of course). On top of the mowing and the blowing, the pool needed to have some water drained so the next stop was playing Jack and Jill displacing water from the pool into the vegetable gardens. Once that was done it was shower and lunch time. Off we went to a localish diner then home to the pool to escape the heat.

And now it’s back to Monday….

Things do come full circle.

>Light at the end of the Tunnel

>Can I just say I am glad this week is over. Don’t get me wrong I totally enjoyed the weeek.

How could a week not be great when it starts with a Monday Holiday! Spent some time in the pool and just relaxing…though the week also started with a Heat Wave. Good thing the pool and the AC were up and running.

Tuesday was back to work day and wouldn’t you know it more heat. And then the AC at the office goes out at around 1pm. Sigh twas a longggg afternoon.

Picture it Weds 1pm you guessed it the AC at the office went out AGAIN!

Thursday was the start of 3 parades in a row for the Drum Corps. It was a long and winding road, but we mananged to come out of it unscathed. The heat wave continued but it wasn’t too bad once the sun went down.

Like i said I am glad this week is over.

*below pics are ones the hubby took from Friday nights parade.

And some bagpipers for good measure!

>July 4th


Happy 4th of July everyone
Been a busy week or so here. Things at the office have been hectic beyond believe. First one system goes down last Thursday/Friday. Then come Monday our Email system went down for the day. I can say not having email is worse then not having the other system. I can get work done without email but can’t do work without the other system.
This past Friday was the second of 2 Fireworks displays put on in town. This one was at our local Mall and the Drum Corps was asked to play a few songs to entertain the crowd prior to the fireworks going off. So in honor of the holiday I leave  you with some pictures.