>Let’s play catch-up

>So where did I leave off since it’s been a few weeks.

Since the trip to the Joisey Shore we have had 2 more parades. The first was a fabulous Wednesday night jaunt through the rain! You got it, we marched in the rain. The plus side was we led the parade so we spent less time in the rain than everyone else in the parade. That is the only plus!

The next parade was an early saturday evening parade. This one we actually brought up the rear and was awful because it was stop and go. If there is anything I hate the most about a parade would be one that is stop and go.

This past weekend we attended a picnic put on by our Doggie Adoption Group. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Warm, breezy, picture perfect. At the picnic one volunteer took charge and coordinated a Butterfly Release in honor of all the dogs who have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge. It was beautiful!

Coming up is another parade tomorrow night. Then this weekend the hubby and I and 2 other friends will be visiting some other friends at their lake house. This looks to be a GREAT time. Nothing better than good friends, good fun, and a serene lake to swim in.

Well must get back to the grind!

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