>Just 3 days away!

>The time is arriving quickly. The participants are scrambling like mad to put the finishing touches on their shows for the 2nd Annual Pride48 live-streaming marathon.

At 8pm EDT June 25th, they will start 48 hours of live shows for our entertainment. You will not only be able to listen – you can participate by joining in the chat room. The hosts will be talking back and entertaining YOU in this one-of-a-kind yearly event. Think of it as a global Pride Festival from the comfort of your house (or mobile device).

There are still a million things to be done before the event, but make sure you can get a front-row seat for the festivities by making sure that you know how to listen. Check out the links on this page for help and general information on how you can participate.(via Pride48)

Below is just a smattering of Podcasts that are participating….

Big Fatty Online

Big Silly Homo
Daniel Brewer’s Wowcohol
Flat 29
Foul Monkeys with a special appearance by Pod Is my Copilot

The Gay Life of a Country Boy

Live it Up!
Little Fatty Cast
Me and the Boyfriend
Terminally Single
We’re Mean Because You’re Stupid

All of these podcasts and more can be found in Itunes.

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