>Joisey Shore

>So this past weekend the Drum Corps had a parade down on the Jersey Shore.

The Hubby and I drove down Friday and stopped for lunch at  our favorite travel spot Chik-Fil-A. We have to take advantage of it since there are none up yonder in the north.

Once we arrived we checked in and got our fabulous room on the 3rd floor, and then proceeded to go for a nice swim in the pool.

Saturday was the big day. The parade started at Noon, we were in the second division so had some time to get to our starting place we left the hotel at noon. Below are a couple pictures I took on the way to the line-up

This is the float for the Elks Group we marched for.
This is the cute guy who was the Head Elk for a different group.
Here we are milling about prior to the parade starting.
What parade isn’t complete without guys in Skirts blowing their bags!
So finally it was our turn to head down the parade route. And man I must say we look damn sharp in our new uniforms. 
Just as an aside, I found out later in the night that we won First Place and the Elks we marched for won First place as well.
After the parade we decided once more to take a nice dip in the pool, have some snacks, hang out and have a few drinks. Then it was nap time.
Later on into the evening the Elks we marched for invited us over to their hotel to play a few songs for them.
 Here we are getting ready to march across the st and play.
Here we are playing around the pool
And here is me and my Big Stick Leading them in around the pool.
 And last but not least here are the crazy shirtless guys who were dancing around their balcony as we played.
Overall it was a great weekend. Up next this week are more parades (Weds and Sat) then Sunday we have a Flag Day ceremony to play at. 
That’s all for now!

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