>Sorry I have been scarce the past week or so.

Been very busy and actually couldn’t blog about what was going on for fear of someone seeing it.

Yesterday was the Hubby’s birthday and this past weekend I had a Surprise party for him. Needless to say since he reads my blog on occasion, I couldn’t very well talk about it on here. Everyone had a great time and the party was a Success!

Next up on the agenda is the last Marching Rehearsal for the Drum Corps prior to our big Memorial Day parades this coming weekend. We have 1 parade on Sunday night and then 2 on Monday. The first one on Monday is in my home town and my first Memorial Day as the Drum Major. I am very much looking forward to it.

After the parades will be our newest annual tradition “Smoked Meat Fest 2010”
The hubby purchased a smoker and let me tell you he has the best smoked meat I have ever tasted. I can already taste the Ribs, Pork Butt, Chicken and Salmon(our first time smoking salmon).

Then the parades kick into High Gear starting in June with a Convention parade, then the small local ones start.

I will do my best to keep you abreast of the parade situations(and any hot firemen I may see)

Oh and work is keeping me on my toes too. I found out yesterday that they are moving my seat(again). Funny thing is they are moving me back to the seat I occupied when we moved into this building 2 years ago. SIGH!

>Busy Busy Busy

>Well it’s been a busy couple weeks.

Bowling is over *sigh

Parade Season has begun. We had our first parade last Friday night, and my first foray into Drum Majoring went really well. Thankfully the parade was all down hill.

This picture is from last year but looks similar to my friday night (well new hat and black gloves)

Our next parade is the Sunday before Memorial Day then 2 on Memorial Day when we will break out our new Uniforms.

This week we have a houseguest visiting, the Hubby’s best friend from North Kakalaki is visiting for the week for the first of his biannual visits.

The Hubby’s birthday is next week as well.

Lots going on but I promise to post more!

ps Is anyone reading this? Please leave a comment

>The End

>So Sunday was our final night of bowling for the year.

I will miss seeing most of the people on a weekly basis but now that summer is here I was ready for it to be over.

What will fill my time now? Well some of you may know that I belong to a local Drum Corps, and summer is prime parade season. This year I also happen to be the Drum Major, and we got new uniforms (snazzy!). So look for posts on parade season.

Now on to the results.

Overall as a team we finished the season in 11th place out of 14.

My average is 143 my handicap 57.

>Week 15

>Last week we bowled Team Holy Splits (the fabulous bowling wives)

We took 7 points for the week which bumps us up to 10th place.

My Average is 143 and my handicap is 57.

This week we play Team B-Unit (who also happen to be the final week of bowling)