>Whoops I missed a week

>Last week we bowled Team Spare Me (previous week it was Lucky Strikes)

We took 2 points for the week (previous week we got all 7) which bumps us up to 12th place.

My Average is 143 and my handicap is 57.

This week we play Team Holy Splits (who also happen to be our Bowling Wives)

>Sad sad news

>I woke up this morning to hear that Dixie Carter has died.

Designing Women was one of my favorite shows. Julia Sugarbaker was one of my favorite characters, my other favorite was Bernice Clifton (black man, black man)

I found this clip over at one of the blogs I read faithfully David Dust

>I drank the juice

>So I did it.

I drank the juice.

What juice you may ask?

The Twitter Juice.

I know, I know, what took me so long.

So now I’m on the Twitters (or the twitty, the twatter, the tweeter) whatever you want to call it.

Are you on the twitter?

Want to follow me (I know i’m an attention whore)?