>Bowlign Week #7

>This week we played Team Lucky Balls. We didnt win a single game. We were down 1 Teammate this week but they were down 2 as they are only a Team of 2. It was just a bad night for me as the first game I bowled a 99. I did bring it back the next 2 games but the point spread was too much for us to overcome.

We took no points for the week which puts us in 13th place (down from 11th)
My Average is 142 and my handicap is 58.

Next week is a position round and we play Team Alley Cats. We are pretty evenly matched and the point spread should be small enough for us to overcome and move up in the rankings.



This is my 200th post.

Couldn’t have happened on a better day.

Hump day!
Rain Day!
Almost end of the month day!

Though it’s certainly not my fun day.

Whoa, just another random Wednesday.

>Bowling Week #6

>Sorry a little late been a crazy week!

This week we played Team BowlJobs. We didnt win a single game. 2 Teammates were missing but we were able to find a sub for one of them but it still wasn’t enough.

We took no points for the week which puts us in 11th place (down from 9th)
My Average is 144 and my handicap is 56.

Next week (well tonight) we play Team Lucky Balls. Which is a Team of 1 person so maybe we can pull out a full sweep of points.

>Not so Happy Day

>It’s been a crappy week.

The Hubby goes to Nashville for 4 day.

The Snowstorm Warning (that never happened).

The Hubby comes home (for less than 24 hours).

The leaves for a family visit.

My Work Wife has her last day at the office (although we did enjoy the happy (5) hour(s) to say goodbye the night before)

Bowling with only half the normal team (another post later with results).

The Hubby and I not together for Valentines Day (though it’s not a huge deal for us it still wasn’t the same)

And now more “snow” (I use that term loosely as it remains to be seen how much will fall).

Though my problems are nothing compared to all the Sun they are getting in Vancouver!

Let’s go Team USA!

>Bowling Week #5

>This week we played Team Fingersmiths. We Won the Last game to nab 2 points but were unable to secure any points from earlier games. On the bright side I had a really good Night with 3 great games the highest being a 196.

We took 2 points for the week which puts us in 9th place (up from 10th) 
My Average is 144 (a 4 point improvment) and my handicap is 56.

This week we are off for the Superbowl, but Next week is team Bowl Jobs