>My true love…


My true love hath my heart, and I have his
By just exchange one for the other given
I hold his dea and mine he cannot miss
There never was a bargain better driven
His heart in mine keeps me and him in one
My true love hath my heart and I have his
~ ~ Sir Philip Sidney
Happy 12 Year Anniversary to my loving Husband.
Now if you want to get technical it would be –
12 years since we met.
Happy 6 Year Commitment Ceremony Anniversary
Happy 4 year Civil Union Anniversary
Happy 1 year Wedding Anniversary
I love you as much now as I did then.

>New Year’s Eve Blue Moon Eclipse

>This just in from Neatorama

On December 31st, we will see the second full moon of the month, or the 13th full moon of the year. These rare occasions are called a blue moon, as in “once in a blue moon”. But that’s not the only thing special about New Year’s Eve this year. There will also be a partial lunar eclipse on the 31st (visible in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia)!

Only a very small portion of the Moon’s southern limb will be in the Earth’s umbral shadow, but there will be a noticeable darkening visible over the Moon’s face at the point of greatest eclipse. Need more? Then know this eclipse is the one of four lunar eclipses in a short-lived series. The lunar year series repeats after 12 lunations or 354 days. Afterwards it will begin shifting back about 10 days in sequential years. Because of the date change, the Earth’s shadow will be about 11 degrees west in sequential events.
For the eclipse, the duration of the partial phase will last within two seconds of a hour long, while the penumbral duration from beginning to end will run about four hours and eleven minutes. Penumbral contact will begin at 17:17:08 UT and umbral contact at 18:52:43 UT. The moment of greatest depth of shadow will occur at 19:22:39 UT, 31 December 2009.


>It’s been a long December…

Well not really just seems like it’s been a very long week. The short weeks are always the longest.

Santa was good to me. Or maybe he was trying to tell me something cause Daddy got a Dyson for Christmas.

Today the hubby and I took a trek to IKEA to get one of their sale specials the Poang Chair. We had a great time judging the other customers and hanging with one of our Bowling Wives!

After IKEA it was off to a local landmark Pepe’s Pizza. YUMMMM that’s all I can say.

Ok off to the couch to see if I can figure out Super Smash Brothers Brawl on the WII.