>Here I sit

>in my cube. Thinking of all things Turkey.

Planning out what needs to be done and wishing it were 2 pm.

There is Mac to boil for the Mac & Cheese.

Bread to make – though that’s the Hubbies job.

The Pickles need draining and drying and breading for frying (a first this year of Deep Fried Pickles snack)

There are 2 (yes I said 2) Turkeys to brine so we can yes Deep Fry them too!

Am I forgetting anything? Nope Mom has the rest taken care of.

Happy Thanksgiving All!

>Podcast killed the radio star

>So since I did that post about my Itunes update I thought I should delve into other things that I listen to.

Since my first Ipod I found the world of Podcasts. So below for your listening pleasure and a favor at the end here is the list of Podcasts you can find in my Itunes and the links to their sites.

AmeriNZ Podcast
Ben and Dave’s Six Pack
Big Fatty Online – He is nominated for best LGBT Podcast Click VOTE and cast your vote daily for him. It would be a special favor to me!
The Daily Purge
Dragen Podcast
Dubious Intent
Foul Monkeys
From Bostonia
The Gay Life of Country Boy
I know how it is
Little Fatty Cast
Live It Up!
NPR: Wait Wait Don’t Tell me
Pod is My Copilot
Ramble Redhead
Savage Love Podcast
Spanking Bea Arthur

Terminally Single Podcast
Underwear News Briefs – Not just a podcast but a great website.
We’re Mean Because You’re Stupid
You Look Nice Today
The 40 Year Old Boy

Of course all of these can be found in Itunes. Some are daily, some are weekly, hell some right now are monthly or longer!




Where else can you get this awesome Cast

This Crazy Blonde who calls the kids
Aretha, Gay Kid, Asian, Other Asian, Wheels,

An out and Proud Gay Character~

An Awesome CD

And then there is this prime slab of beef!


>Silence is golden but not when it comes to blogging.

I jut haven’t got anything to say that is of any interest.

Nothing exciting is happening.

Not sure if I mentioned before but right before our trip we had the make the really difficult decisions to let one of our dogs go. We found really bad Osteosarcoma in his leg. As hard as it was we knew it was the right choice. His quality of life was deteriorating with each day as he could have broken his leg with the slightest wrong movement.

This left our other dog lonely and missing her brother. So when we got back we made a call and were able to go visit some new dogs that the adoption group had just acquired. I bet you all see where this is going. We were just going to check out the new ones and see if any fit with our current dog Sandy.

Well we came home with Duncan that same day. It took a while to come up with his name as we didn’t like the one he came with. He is adjusting nicely after a month and is getting more adjusted every day.

Well that’s the news……hope to have more soon.