>There’s no place like home

>After 4 days, and 20 hours in the car, the hubby and I have returned from a pilgrimage below the mason dixon line.

We left thursday and returned home about 20 minutes ago.

I have never been so happy to see my own bed and the puppies/

Bonus were the rainbows that greeted us in the sky once we hit the Highways of NY!

>Who’s the bestest?



2 Parades this past week.

Weds was the first of the 2 and I was given the job of Leading the band as the Drum Major was going to be out. I think the above speaks for itself.

Last night (Fri) was the 2nd of the 2 and back to the Flag I went. And what do we do but win best non Firematic Color Guard

What a way to wrap up the summer as I will be missing the parade next week for a wedding.

>it’s oh so quiet

>Sorry I have been so quiet lately, I guess I don’t have much to say.
(Which is very unlike me)

Been pretty quiet around here. Had a parade canceled last friday night due to rain. Sat was spent doing errands and such, sunday was an impromptu backyard hangout at the house.

Monday was the local bar for Chicken wings for my younger sisters birthday.

Tuesday was laundry folding.

Which brings us to today. More rain on the horizon it seems. And another parade tonight I am hoping doesn’t get canceled as I am scheduled to be the Leader!

We will see……

10 Days til the Big Lesbian Wedding

44 Days til the Big Vacation Extravaganza