>Survey Says…..

>So this past weekend was another busy one.

Saturday we had another Smoked Meat Party (insert dirty comments here). What a great time we had. It is times like these that I sit back and look at my friends and see how damn Lucky I am to have them in my life.

Sunday was a recouping day. The usual errands to costco and for groceries. Guess who is the proud owner of a Wii?

YEP ME! Huzzah!

Anyone out there with one that can recommend some games?

Now to the title of the post.

In my dept at work we are measured by an internal Delivery Satisfaction Survey that is sent out to clients based on projects processed for them.

Well my previous manager (was just given a new manager as of July 1) sent out the Stats for May and June to go with the April information to get our average for the quarter….well let’s see how things went for me (based on Excellent and Very good Responses)

April – 93% Satisfaction

May – 100% Satisfaction

June – 100% Satisfaction

Overall Satisfaction for the quarter 97%!!!!

I feel like Sally Field (they like me they really like me)

Happy Monday!


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