>For some reason this past weekend Kicked My Butt!

Friday night after work the hubby and I and my work wife went our for drinks and dinner. We had a great time.

Saturday was very busy. Aside from the normal Saturday errands, the hubby, mother, nephew and I piled in the car to Drive to the parade I had to attend that night for the drum corps.
This is the first parade of the season where I was to act on my Assistant Drum Major duties and lead the corps.

Thankfully the weather held off and the parade was semi short, but unfortunately it was all up hill!
I will have some pics posted either later tonight or tomorrow.

Sunday the hubby and I decided to go try a new restaurant the next town over. This is a new restaurant having only been open about a month or so. We had been to the original a while ago when we had seen it on DDD on the Food Network. Check out the menu for The Eveready Diner.

After my fabulous breakfast of Eggs Benedict and bacon and the hubby’s frittered french toast, a quick trip to Kohl’s deemed fruitful. Lots of good stuff on sale and I was able to get a Fabulous outfit for the Big Ole Lesbian Wedding.

Later in the afternoon it was another Drum Corps turn out, this time a local Flag Day ceremony. While I was there the hubby tended to the smoker chock full of chicken and ribs.

Finally (after what seemed like hours) the food was done and Dinner was served.

After dinner we caught up on our stories and then off to bed…

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