>Check yourself


Check your Drama at the Door.

In a previous post I recapped a weekend away as part of a Parade in Wildwood NJ. In this post I mentioned that I had recently re-joined this local Drum Corps after a 2 year absence. The reason for my departure had to do with some particular individuals and the drama they create and bad kharma that festers within. Flash forward 2 years to my rejoining, and pretty much avoidance of all drama and these particular individuals on a personal level. Don’t get me wrong I am civil and polite but do not by any means go out of my way to strike up conversations.

So this past weekend was a great weekend all around with the exception of one bit of drama, naturally to do with these certain individuals. So after the big parade Saturday a certain individual got engaged, came back to the motel and let everyone know. About an hour or 2 later, me, the hubby, and one of the other members of the corps (who happens to be a coworker of mine) were sitting up on the second floor of the motel outside my room. There are a bunch of people sitting down in the parking lot of the motel all milled about giving congratulations and the like.

So the parents of one of the engaged break out the champagne down in the parking lot and are passing it around. It was offered to the 3 of us although we were in no way a part of the group being up on the second floor minding our own business. I politely said 3 times no thank you to having some champagne. I just didn’t want any. About 5 minutes after the toast one of the parents of the engaged storms up the stairs and the following interaction takes place.

Parent of Engaged(Venomously) : So and So is very upset you didn’t participate in her grand exclamation of being engaged.

Me(Politely): I just didn’t want any champagne.

PoE: Well you could have just taken it and toasted and thrown it on the F*ck*n ground

Me: Bewildered not speaking

PoE: Storms up the stairs

Drama Ensues Downstairs, I mind my business and stay upstairs.

My first few thoughts were
If I didn’t want to participate in the toast and be a part of the group I would have gone into my motel room and shut the door.

My second thought was well maybe I should go downstairs, grab a dixie cup of champagne, toast and throw it on the ground like the PoE said.

Instead I took the high ground and did nothing.

Flash forward a few days and my sibling calls to see how I was after the trip home and get “my side of the story” and by “my side” I mean what actually happened.

Seems the Engaged stirred the drama by going to my sibling(who was mostly likely drunk at midnight) and sobbed on his shoulder.

So today my coworker got a call from my sibling to get her story as she was sitting right next to me.

Seems the Engaged sent off an email to some people (I believe mostly officers but one can’t be sure) and the fall out is happening. It’s like my friend is being called into court to testify.

Sorry for the long post but thems the brakes on my story. So comments…..

2 thoughts on “>Check yourself

  1. >Oh for god's sake, it sounds like high school. I'm with you…check your damned drama at the door. I do not participate. I let the kids play the games all by themselves….while I giggle at them.

  2. >You did the right thing by not getting involved in the drama. Best to leave them to their own devices and just pretty much disregard everything/anything they say about you.

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