>What a weekend. I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

As most (if not all) of you don't know I recently rejoined a local Drum Corps I had been active in for about 14 years before taking a break. This past weekend we marched in the New Jersey Elks Annual State Convention Parade which was held in Wildwood, NJ.

Friday the hubby and I packed up the car waved goodbye to the Puppies and began the long 4 hour drive in the nasty rainy weather. Our first stop had to be Chik – A – Fil for lunch. After a tasty lunch and 2 Malted Milkshakes to go back in the car and on the highway in the rain we went. Finally we arrive at our destination. And what a place it was. I will spare you all the scary details but let me sum it up by saying, I use the term bed loosely, sheets shouldn't be see-through, and it's a good thing we were only stayin 2 nights. Although what the motel lacked in ambiance it made up for in the fact it was 2 blocks from parade start and 1 block from the boardwalk. After a nice dinner with the parents and the Work Wife we hung around the hotel drinking and BS'ing.

Saturday was parade day and about midway through the day all of the clouds burned off and made for a nice day. It seemed for a bunch of drinkers who were up all night they all got up awfully early in the morning! The parade started at noon, as we were toward the end of the parade we didn't have to rush to get to the line up. And then we stood around and waited, and waited, and waited some more. Finally we get on our way down the 1.8 mile parade route. I am currently in the color guard and in the parade I carried the Drum Corps 75th Anniversary Flag (which is now about 10 years old). The best part about the parade was the Elks Color Guard in front of us had this hot guy and I got a front row seat to his ass for 1.8 miles 😉

After the parade it was relax and walk the boardwalk time. After marching for about 53 minutes almost 2 miles you would think my legs couldn't go anymore. And you would be right! The hubby and I checked out the sites (both the boardwalk sites and the Hot Mens Sites). Oh I should mention not only was it the Elks Convention but it was Senior Weekend (not senior citizens, and not seniors in college). Ah Youth…..it's wasted on the dumb and pretty.

Saturday night it was a fabulous boardwalk dinner and another round of sitting around drinking, then the playing members of the Drum Corps were invited to our host Elks hotel for some song and dance (by the drunk hottie who's ass I was watching). A couple songs an some announcements of Awards (we took 5th place not bad for only our second year at this event). Then it was back to hotel for more drinking and sleeping (trying to anyway)

Sunday it was up early, breakfast and then headed home. An uneventful drive home thankfully. The puppies were glad to see us and then off to the store for some much needed lunch fixins for the week then bed….

Now it's Monday I have played catch up at work as I write this…

Hope you all had a great weekend as well.

2 thoughts on “>Wild

  1. >phew- I hear ya..I need a weekend to recover from a wekend all the time….but the beat to the drum keeps us going! boom boom boom!

  2. >Sounds like fun! The food in Wildwood is pretty tasty, eh? Even on the boardwalk the food is good. I bet you saw a lot of hot Italians, because all the Philly dads go to Wildwood. Congrats on 5th place.

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