>I work with a bunch of B*t*h*s.

Trying to plan a vacation in this place is like pulling teeth.

It happens that my “Backup” and I both want the same week in Oct off, so I sent a lovely message out to the team asking if someone can cover me.

I know it is only March but did I mention we want to go on a Cruise! YA!

Not just A cruise but technically 3 cruises back2back2back. Will elaborate more when the time comes.

So I send my plea for coverage yesterday afternoon around 4ish, and still have yet to hear back. This from the people that I with no complaint to them have covered when they decide it is snowing out and they can’t haul their a*s*s into the office. Even though some live closer than I do.

So that’s my Rant for today. I will keep you updated as to what happens.


4 thoughts on “>Work

  1. >Fortunately you have time to ‘work on’ them. Perhaps you can find subtle ways to remind them how you have covered for them in the past. Think positively, and hopefully someone will rise to the occasion.Can’t wait to hear about these 3 back-to-back cruises!

  2. >But does this come as any surprise to you? People like you, who go the extra mile, are the ones who get screwed over by the people you cover for. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, though

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