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Blow Job Queen

You blew it with 34 out of 40. The number is pretty meaningless.

Wow. You’re good at giving head and you know when to give lousy head when the bastard deserves it. Excellent technique, eager to please… but at a price. You know you’re good and you only give good when you get good. Maybe you like it that way. If not, try being a little, you know, looser.

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>Work Redux

>A week goes by and here he sits in his quiet cube with the Disco Ball and IKEA Kids Night Light blob.

So I posted last week about the work B*t*h*s and the fact that I’s wants some time off in Oct.
Not a Damn Soul stepped up to the plate to volunteer to cover or even ask if any one else had.
I’m a giver people, (and a taker but that’s irrelevant at work *WINK*), I don’t ever ask them for anything but seem to get the crap piled on me.
I realize they think that I think I am above them (an in some senses I do.) I don’t particularly see anything wrong with that. Look out for yourself and do what will benefit me in the long run.
So I rant again about the coworkers. And consider my options. Send the note out again asking for coverage, or just turn it over to my boss and make it her problem…Opinions?
Thursday RAH!


>I work with a bunch of B*t*h*s.

Trying to plan a vacation in this place is like pulling teeth.

It happens that my “Backup” and I both want the same week in Oct off, so I sent a lovely message out to the team asking if someone can cover me.

I know it is only March but did I mention we want to go on a Cruise! YA!

Not just A cruise but technically 3 cruises back2back2back. Will elaborate more when the time comes.

So I send my plea for coverage yesterday afternoon around 4ish, and still have yet to hear back. This from the people that I with no complaint to them have covered when they decide it is snowing out and they can’t haul their a*s*s into the office. Even though some live closer than I do.

So that’s my Rant for today. I will keep you updated as to what happens.

>Bowling Week #10

>This week we played team Pinbowl Wizards who we were actually evenly matched against with handicaps. 2 of the people on this tea were on a different team last year. They also have issues with Fuzz on the lane *GEESH*

We won 1 game, but were very close on the other 2 and this dropped us to to 10th place overall!

I had one of my best games in a while with a 168, 4 strikes in a row then a 5th later in the game.

My Average is 139 and my Handicap 61.

Next week we play Team B-Unit