>Kevin Needs

>Google your name and the word “needs” in quotes (“Kevin needs”) and see what you get.

List the first 7 entries (some of mine sucked so I went with the funniest 7).

1 – Your Money

2 – More Beer on Flickr

3 – Signs

4 – To Bring Home the Bacon

5 – Social Glue Ideas

6 – Something Different than That

7 – To Rant (usually on a daily basis)


4 thoughts on “>Kevin Needs

  1. >1. Lewis needs a kidney.2. Lewis needs to beat it.3. Lewis needs to curb your enthusiasm.4. Lewis needs to resign.5. Lewis needs to sign for less money.6. Lewis needs a new pair of shoes.7. Lewis needs to apologize to.

  2. >David really needs a date.David needs your help.David needs a steady influence.David needs the beach.David needs football.David needs a kidney donor(!)David needs a black friend.

  3. >I did one like this on Facebook … and it was so R-Rated I had to post on my blog instead. Instead of “needs to” it was “likes to”. According to Google, I like to “be rectally penetrated while deepthroating a large penis”. Google has a warped sense of humor!

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