>Bowling Week #2

>This week we played Team Scared Straights (yes Straight guys ona  gay league). it was interesting as I plied them with Sugar, but they still managed to eek by us just barely on games 2 and 3.

Again we got no points and flounder in last place, ok technically 15th place 1 step above team 15 Bye (which has no one on it)

I bowled really crappy this past weekend. My Average went down to 134 from the 141 it was last week and my Handicap went up to from 59 to 66.

On a happy note the Hubby bowled one of his best Games ever with a 209 and currently holds the High Men’s Scratch game. Hopefully he can hold onto that title. As A team we still hold the High Scratch Game Title. 

Next week is team Pins-R-Us

One thought on “>Bowling Week #2

  1. >I used to have fun bowling every Fri with a group of gays. But after moving away I haven’t bowled since. Sounds like you guys are having a great time, despite being in 15th place.

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