>Why is it that I am so angry that half my dept called in “snow” and there isn’t even a flake to be found

I thought I worked with Adults. I guess I was just proven wrong.


5 thoughts on “>ANGRY

  1. >yeah…i just got an e-mail from my husband who’s entire department called out (he actually had the day off prior to the S word) leaving one person, alone, all day. he’s flipping out…

  2. >Here people call in “football”…for reals. “Can’t come in today, gotta get up to Dallas for the big game this weekend”…”can’t come back to work after lunch, kids gotta game tonight in Gruene”. Seriously, football?

  3. >You’re angry for probably the same reason I’m angry that all the scumbags decided to come in today. So I said “fuck this shit” and took off at noon. That’s when the snow started and it got bad out quickly. I’m glad I left though. Everyone I like left at lunchtime and I’d have been stuck with the rest of the dirtbags I can’t stand.

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