>Impending Doom

>So it’s Thursday and all across the office you hear the grumblings of the impending doom I mean snow….


I can count on 2 hands the number of people who will call in “snow”…I can count on 1 hand the number of people who will call in “snow” before it even starts.



5 thoughts on “>Impending Doom

  1. >I don’t know what time the snow is supposed to start out by you guys, but they say around noon for us. I will bet you anything that just under 1/2 the office won’t show tomorrow. Add to this storm the one coming Sunday night into Monday and we’re looking at a (minimum) 4 day weekend for most. One co-worker is planning on coming in tomorrow but already has requested Monday and Tueday off since she was taking Wednesday through Friday already. Her thinking is if I’m not coming in Monday, what’s the point in working Tuesday? I’m planning on working tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday despite the weather. Then vacation from Christmas Eve until January 5th!! Yay me.

  2. >Yeah Lewis it only shuts down the “scaredy cats” who have lived in New England their whole lives but still can’t drive in the snow.Walt I hear ya on that maybe it will be better for you..the noisy ones wont be there to bother you.WOW long vacation maybe the shut-ins will travel south for New Years!

  3. >i can’t wrap my brain around that.if the Market’s open, i have to be in. since the market never closes, i never get a Snow Day and have to commute from the ass end of Staten Island to downtown Brooklyn (bus + subway = 1 hour 15 minutes, door to door). get over it people…it’s just weather.

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