>Pot Luck

>Today my Dept had what I hope to be the 3rd of many more Pot Lucks. So it was a Holiday pot luck but why should we need a holiday to enjoy Yummy Yummy food!

The hubby and I wrote out the Christmas Cards last night and they have all been mailed.

My newest Guilty Pleasure is this video below. I downloaded the entire Holiday album and got an awesome bonus track of Toto’s Africa.


Christmas #2 –
This is 1 of 2 Cute Merman Ornaments Hanging on the tree.

15 Days until the Wedding (if anyone is counting) We meet with the JP on thursday

19 Days until Bowling.

I told you this was going to be a potluck!


3 thoughts on “>Pot Luck

  1. >This video is brilliant. I came across it last year and posted it. love men’s accapella groups and love this version. They are fantastic. thanks for sharing it (again).We used to have the whole set of these mermen but gave them away when we sold the house and downsized …sighI hope your at least a little more excited about your wedding/new year’s even than the bowling 😉

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