>The Countdown has begun

>The Big New Years Wedding is fast approaching and will be here in only 4 days. So to get in the spirit let’s relive some food porn from the first 2 ceremonies.

This is the cake we had for our first ceremony way back on Dec 31 2003. This tasty morsel was made by out good friend Corey who you can find over here.

After our Committment ceremony the great state of Connecticut decided to pass a law allowing Civil Unions. So on Dec 31 2005 we had our second albeit first legal Ceremony.

This cake came from our favorite bakery just down the road. This is also where we will be getting this years cake from.

Well that’s all for now. Hope everyone is enjoying their post holiday weekend.

PS only 8 days until the big gay bowling league starts. you can all expect Tues or Weds posts with the latest rankings and average of team Alley Oops.

>Christmas #5

>This tree was 1 of 3 that the hubby and I made quite a few years ago. This year we replaced the standard string of blue lights for more economical LED (which means I can have them on more since the power usage is lower)


>Why is it that I am so angry that half my dept called in “snow” and there isn’t even a flake to be found

I thought I worked with Adults. I guess I was just proven wrong.