>So back in January the hubby and I joined a Gay (GASP!) Bowling League. It was us, our friend and a 4th they threw our way (and i’m so glad they did). We had what I think was one of the best names on the League – The Belles of the Balls

So come January we will once again be starting up our league…but since our friend wont be back I feel we need a new name. So below is a listing of some of the names I have found (nee stolen) and want to get some others opinions. I won’t tell which is my favorite just yet and I won’t spill which one I think we will go with until after.

Mighty Men
Snakes on a Lane
Ball Bashers
All Balls No Glory
Balls of Fury
Big Bang Bowlers
Big Bangers
Minds in the Gutter
The Fab Four
Priority Males
Alley Oops
Spare me the Rod


6 thoughts on “>Bowling

  1. >We were the “Get Lucky Strikes” on our bowling league. How about the “Balls of Furry” (instead of ‘fury”)? I realize that wasn’t a choice, but thought I’d throw it out there. Better yet, how about the “Kevin Hangs Left”s??? 🙂

  2. >No Gutter Trash isn’t taken as far as I know.Freddy hmm I see where your mind isLewis too much like the one we hadHolly we are the #2 Team in the league after last year.My favorite is Snakes on a Lane, but I think we will go with Alley Oops

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