>So the Hubby and I are the official Deep Fried Turkey Masters for Thanksgiving at my parents house. So this year we found a new Oil-less Infrared Deep Fryer.

So tonight we needed to do a test run so we could figure out how long to cook the actual bird on Thanksgiving. So we invited 2 of our friends over and had a pre thanksgiving turkey dinner!
The food was amazing, the turkey was divine!

So now we sit all full of Turkey Goodness…..

8 thoughts on “>MMMMM

  1. >I’ve seen these sold on QVC and have always wondered what made them better than the old tried and true way of roasting turkey. Would appreciate your thoughts.

  2. >Well aside from not having to buy gallons of oil, which we would use on Thanksgiving then have to store until Christmas, the hour to warm the oil, the 15 minutes it takes to get the turkey into the oil slowly, with this new one there is virtually no clean up. It took about 2.5 hours for a 14# bird which is good considering what you get.

  3. >Thanks for your response. But, you pointed out the difference between an oil and an oiless fryer. I should have been clearer. Why is this method(frying) better than roasting it in the oven?

  4. >I’ve never had deep fried turkey, though it sounds delicious. Deep fried anything is delicious. I’m cooking the turkey this year. Pray I don’t end up in the hospital!

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