>Overheard pretty much anywhere

>So thursdays mean I get my weekly dose of the best of Overheard in the Office.
So last week the best one was this little exchange below:

Oompa-Loompas Kept Hitting on Me

Female coworker: I used to spray tan, but they make you orange and then you smell like Chinese food.
Male coworker: Good Chinese food or bad Chinese food?
Female coworker: Not the good kind. And then it gets all dark in the creases, and you get jaundiced knees…
Male coworker: Just what every man wants…the munchies and a sickly white woman.
Female coworker: I wanted to look Italian.
Male coworker: But instead you wound up with jaundice, smelling like Chinese food.

If you have never been to this site I highly recommend it for a laugh or 2 or 10~!

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